Australian Technical Analysts Association


Visitors are welcome to attend ATAA meetings. Click here for details.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any pre-requisites for membership?

There are no pre-requisites for membership. Membership is open to anyone interested in learning how to use technical analysis effectively in trading or investing in the financial markets. Current members include corporate treasurers, fund managers, bank analysts and traders, stockbrokers, financial planners, and private traders and investors.

What is the cost of membership?

The annual cost of membership is $260. There is also an initial joining fee of $30.00.

Are visitors able to attend ATAA meetings?
Visitors are welcome to attend a monthly meeting at no cost.

It is necessary to book to attend an ATAA meeting?
No bookings are required to attend ATAA meetings, however visitors are asked to sign in at the registration desk before the meeting commences.

Where are meetings held?
Meetings are held in 8 cities across
Australia. Click here to view meeting details.

Does the ATAA recommend specific charting software?

As a policy, the ATAA does not recommend any product or service. Also, individual requirements vary greatly, depending on experience, markets traded, trading time frames (intraday, daily, weekly), strategies and a range of other factors. For these reasons the ATAA does not recommend a specific software package.

Does the ATAA impose any continuing professional development?
The ATAA encourages continuous improvement and strives to provide many opportunities for members to gain new skills and knowledge. However, participation is always at the members' discretion and no requirements are imposed by membership.

Is there any designation I can use by being a member of the ATAA?
ATAA membership does not, itself, provide for the use of any post-nominals. However, as IFTA Colleagues, ATAA members are able to take advantage IFTA’s education programs, which includes the Certified Financial Technician program (CFTe) and the Masters of Financial Technical Analysis program (MFTA). Further details can be found on the
IFTA web site.

Are there alternatives to achieve a recognised technical analysis qualification?
ATAA members are entitled to sit for the IFTA examinations, which lead to the CFTe award and the MFTA award. Students are required to study the subject material without lectures. For further information, visit the
IFTA website.