Australian Technical Analysts Association


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Sydney - Monday 20th March at 5:15pm for 5:30pm
Date: Sunday, March 20, 2016 At 17:30
Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Venue: The Red Room, Level 1, Bowlers Club at 99 On York, 95-99 York Street, Sydney.


Visitors are welcome. First is visit free, subsequent visits $40.


5:30pm: Refreshments & Visitor Registrations


6:00pm: Welcome and Opening Announcements


6:05pm: Member Services

- Major Markets Review

- Model Portfolio - $100k Stock Portfolio

- Indicator of the Month

- Pattern of the Month


6:20: Special Interest Group updates

- Sydney TA Chat Group

- Trading Automation Group

- Covered Calls SIG $100k Portfolio

- Active Traders


6.45pm: Refreshment break


6.50pm: Mario D. Conti - A simplified approach to Elliott Wave trading

The Elliott Wave theory seems to be difficult to deal with and even more difficult to trade with, however, when you finally crack it, you definitively get an extra edge. But, is there an easier way to approach it?  Mario D. Conti will accompany the audience through a new modern approach to the Elliott Wave Theory. He will clear away the clutter and misconceptions, and will propose a new, simplified method to use this extraordinary technique for profitable trading.


Mario D. Conti, now 62, started his trading career in Merrill Lynch in 1989. He then moved to Switzerland two years later and finally settled in Australia in 2002. He is an Elliott Wave enthusiast and created the Wave Oscillator in 2008. Mario owns MDC Securities Pty Ltd which specialises in Automated Trading Systems and is the author of the Elliott Wave Newsletters from FX Tutors. Mario runs Sydney Traders as well as eight other trading clubs throughout Australia. He is the SIG co-organiser of the “TRADING AUTOMATION GROUP” in Sydney.


7:50pm: Meeting concludes


Further Information: Bruce Wood, Chapter President

Phone: 0409 395 720


Next meeting: 10th April

Next speaker: Sam Khawaja

Topic: Covered Calls for consistent profit

Future meetings: Usually on the third Monday of each month.