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Melbourne - June 8th at 5:15pm for 6:00pm
Date: Thursday, June 08, 2017 At 18:00
Duration: 2 Hours

4:30 to 5:50pm Networking - Coopers Inn

282 Exhibition Street (corner of Little Lonsdale St).

Please note new arrangements at Coopers Inn. The networking will take place on the ground floor from 5pm, at the rear end of the bar area (it will be partitioned off for us). At this time of day, the Happy Hour applies to your drink purchases. (Note: New start time).


5:45 pm onwards at the Telstra Conference Centre

Level 1, 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, (Cnr Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets).

Enter from the corner of Lonsdale Street, and head up the escalator or via the internal plaza from the rear of Coopers Inn.  Parliament railway station is not far away.


Possible car parking options

Secure Parking 59 Lonsdale Street.

Wilson Parking 150 Lonsdale Street.

Wesley Uniting Church (JM Car Parks) 140 Lonsdale Street.


Visitors are welcome. First visit free, subsequent visits $40.

If a member is responsible for signing up a new member, the member can receive a discount off their next annual renewal fee.


5:30 to 6:00pm: Telstra Conference Centre

Sale of Dinner - with-drink. Tickets $30. Please pay by cash.


6:00pm: Guest Speaker: Alan Clement – Researcher and Tutor

Topic: Global Markets Quarterly Technical Outlook

With the first half of 2017 almost over what pointers can we look towards to gauge the future direction of the markets? Can we expect more volatility to come or calmer conditions in the last half of the year? Join Alan for his ever popular quarterly market update, where he will take a deep-dive into the markets and pick apart the events of the last few months and determine the levels and patterns to look for. Using a variety of technical tools and chart types, he will delve into momentum, support, resistance, sentiment and market breadth to analyse local and overseas stock markets, currencies and commodities. Don't miss this valuable presentation which could act as a useful input to developing your own market road map for the coming weeks and months ahead.


Alan Clement is a trading strategy designer and independent trader with 25 years’ experience in the financial industry. Following a successful professional career in both investment management and investment banking, he now manages his own independent trading business. His main focus is in the design and development of quantitative trading systems that trade multiple markets. He is an international speaker on trading and evidence-based market analysis. He also provides development services, consultancy and training in quantitative methods to private and institutional traders and investors. Alan is an IFTA Certified Financial Technician (CFTe), National Director of the Australian Technical Analysts Association and occasional contributor to Quantocracy. His market analysis, selected trading strategies and details of his system development mentoring programme can be found at


6:40pm Break (and last minute dinner orders)


6:45pm: Guest Speaker – Neil Godwin – Trader, Investment Author and Educator

Topic: Medium Term Investing with Long Term Trends

This presentation explains how a medium to long term portfolio can be established and managed. Long term share investors without the skill to read price patterns in the market typically say they will hold their investments for 5yrs to 10 yrs because “nobody can predict market behaviour”. But is this really the best return you can get on your capital or is it a cop-out for not having been able to do better at using technical analysis themselves? Would you be happy depositing cash into a bank & being told “you will get interest some years, we might take some away other years (maybe more than we gave you previously) but over time you “should” get ahead with a return of somewhere between 3% and 7%”? Hopefully your answer would be a firm- NO! Capital must earn its keep and when one investment seems to have run out of potential it should be replaced with another that does appear to have potential. Just the same as switching cash from one bank to another or from “at-call” to a term deposit. That principle is precisely the purpose of medium term investing with long term trends. An investment is kept for as long as it continues to deliver an acceptable return. This presentation will NOT show how to predict the market. It will show how common sense can be used to identify where opportunities have a much higher probability than random selection based solely on fundamental analysis.


Neil Godwin has been an active member of the ATAA and ASA for many years, holding positions such as councillor, branch president and national director. He’s an investment author and mentor with over 35 years of first-hand experience using technical and fundamental analysis investing in shares, options, CFD’s, and futures. He invests with a pilot portfolio using his own capital where investors are able to copy all his investment decisions in real time. Neil is a fully ADA1 & ADA2 licenced advisor No 1233540 through Phillip Capital Limited (AFS Licence No 246827). For further information, click here to visit Neil’s website.


8:15pm: Dinner and more networking

Coopers Inn, 282 Exhibition Street.

Please note minor changes with the new networking/dinner venue:- $30 for a main course. Please order dinner before the meeting in the normal way (after 5:30pm at our own Dinner Desk in the Telstra Conference Centre).


Further information: Paul Ash - Victorian ATAA Council President

Phone: 03 8804 1726 (AH) or 0414 836 063

Next meeting: 13th July 2017

Next meeting: At Telstra Conference Centre, Level 1, 242 Exhibition St, Melbourne

Speakers: TBA


Future meetings: Generally on the second Thursday of the month.