Australian Technical Analysts Association


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Melbourne - Thursday 2nd February 5:15pm for 6:00pm
Date: Thursday, February 02, 2017 At 18:00
Duration: 2 Hours

4:30 to 5:50pm Networking - Coopers Inn

282 Exhibition Street (corner of Little Lonsdale Street. Maybe in the upstairs function room).  Drinks will be subsidised so make sure to collect a drinks ticket from a committee member at the door (note new start time).


5:45pm onwards at the Telstra Conference Centre

Level 1, 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne. (Corner Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets)

Enter from the corner of Lonsdale Street, and head up the escalator, or via the internal plaza from the rear of Coopers Inn.  Parliament railway station is not far away.


Possible car parking options

Secure Parking, 59 Lonsdale Street

Wilson Parking, 150 Lonsdale Street

Wesley Uniting Church (JM Car Parks), 140 Lonsdale Street.


Visitors are welcome. First visit free, subsequent visits $40.

If a member is responsible for signing up a new member, the member can receive a discount off their next annual renewal fee.


5:30pm at Telstra Conference Centre

Sale of Dinner with-drink Tickets $30. Please pay by cash.


6:00pm: Member Speaker: Gary Murphy – Private Trader and Options Trainer 

Topic: The importance of Rules and Discipline in Trading

In this presentation Gary will discuss the following,

The importance of having rules and sticking to them! We all have some idea of what we want to achieve but most of us do not make a workable and systematic plan, and stick to it.

My personal experience trading Options

My discipline strategy based purely on Technical Indicators.

Understanding how your mind plays havoc on your trading – the 90/10 Rule.


Gary Murphy started life as a tradesman but has always been interested in the Stock Market and World Economies. In 1981 he started an engineering business in Swan Hill, repairing and manufacturing farm machinery, and owned this business for 30 years. During this time he ventured into Organic Farming and developed a Health Food manufacturing business exporting organic produce to 14 countries around the world, as well as supplying major health food brands in Australia. In 2000 he bought my his first parcel of Shares, and in 2010 he sold his two remaining businesses, and retired to Gisborne. In 2012 Gary completed a Course on Options and although he lost money, he still believed in Options. Since then he has attended numerous training seminars and concentrated on learning the idiosyncrasies of trading Options. This has enabled Gary to develop his my own strategies and a strict set of rules and making trading profitable.


6:40pm Break (and last minute dinner orders)


6.45pm: Guest Speaker: Phil Anderson - Australian economist, Commentator and Trader

Topic:  Why every Investor MUST understand the Real Estate Cycle

Hear Phil explain to you how the future will unfold and what we might expect for stocks and the economy in general, going forward from 2017 and into 2026. As usual, Phil starts with the US real estate cycle and builds from there.  Phil will relate this to the US market first, then to Australian circumstances. As we finish, investors will have with them a very useful takeaway guide to future economic conditions. 


Phillip J Anderson is an Australian economist, businessman and internationally acclaimed commentator. He is widely regarded as an expert on business, real estate and commodity cycles. Anderson graduated from RMIT University in 1985 with a degree in accounting. He is now the managing director of Economic Indicator Services (EIS), the company he founded in 1991. EIS is an economic forecasting service operating out of London and Melbourne.


Phil also now writes for Agora Inc., founded in 1979 and headquartered in Baltimore Maryland and one of the largest and most successful consumer newsletter publishers in the world. For more information, click here to visit Phil’s website.


8.15 pm   Dinner and more networking: Coopers Inn, 282 Exhibition Street.

Please note minor changes with the new networking/dinner venue: $30 for a main course.

Please order dinner before the meeting in the normal way (after 5:30pm at our own Dinner Desk in the Telstra Conference Centre).


Further information: Paul Ash - Victorian ATAA Council President

Phone: 03 8804 1726 (AH) or 0414 836 063

Next meeting:  9th March

Venue: At Telstra Conference Centre, Level 1, 242 Exhibition St, Melbourne.

Speakers: Kevin Saunders and Alan Clement

Future meetings: Generally on the second Thursday of the month.