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Brisbane - Wednesday 15th March at 6.30pm
Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 At 18:30
Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes


Venue: The Greek Club, 29 Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane. Click here to view map


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6:00–6:20 pm: A look at charts and an analysis of a stock (optional attendance).


6:30 pm: Neil Godwin – Medium-Term Investing with Long-Term trends

This presentation explains how a medium to long term portfolio can be established and managed. Long-term share investors, without the skill to read price patterns in the market, typically say they will hold their investments for 5years to 10 years because “nobody can predict market behaviour.” But is this really the best return you can get on your capital or is it a cop-out for not having been able to do better at using technical analysis themselves? Would you be happy depositing cash into a bank and being told, “You will get interest some years, we might take some away other years (maybe more than we gave you previously) but over time you “should” get ahead with a return of somewhere between 3% and 7%”? Hopefully your answer would be a firm – NO! Capital must earn its keep and when one investment seems to have no more potential it should be replaced with another that does appear to have potential. This is the same as switching cash from one bank to another, or from “at-call” to a term deposit. That principle is precisely the purpose of medium-term investing with long-term trends. An investment is kept for as long as it continues to deliver an acceptable return. This presentation will NOT show how to predict the market. It will show how common sense can be used to identify where opportunities have a much higher probability than random selection based solely on fundamental analysis.


Neil Godwin has been an active member of the ATAA and ASA for many years, holding positions such as councillor, branch president and national director. He’s an investment author and mentor with over 35 years of first-hand experience using technical and fundamental analysis investing in shares, options, CFD’s, and futures. Neil is a fully ADA1 & ADA2 licenced advisor through Phillip Capital Limited. Click here to visit Neil's website.


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