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Adelaide - Wednesday 15th April at 7:00pm
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 At 19:00
Duration: 3 Hours

Venue: First Floor, Education Development Centre, 4 Milner St, Hindmarsh.

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Parking is available in the EDC car park located within easy walking distance.

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5:30pm: Pre-meeting Dinner

Hope Inn Hotel, 348 Port Road, Hindmarsh. (On your left as you enter the Bistro).

All members and visitors welcome to join us for dinner. No booking required. This is an opportunity to meet the speaker and network with fellow traders.


7:00pm: Robert Vagg - Financial Markets and Nature: The Fibonacci Connection

The ‘Fibonacci (or Golden) Ratio’, with an approximate value 0.618, is identifiable throughout the natural world in growth patterns as diverse as the shapes of flowers, the positioning of tree branches, the spiral forms of mollusc shells, cyclones and distant galaxies, and even in the molecular structure of DNA. Technical analysts are familiar with its importance in describing regular price movements in financial markets. This presentation will describe exactly WHY the number appears when both the natural and financial worlds are analysed.


8:00pm: Robert Vagg - Natural Volatility Cycles in the Stock Market

History suggests that the Australian stock market has commenced a multi-year growth phase that would see the All Ordinaries Price Index at approximately double its current level by late in the decade. This analysis is based on the identification of systematic growth trends that have existed in the Australian and US equities markets, and their underlying economies, since the late 19th century. These cyclical trends not only provide a blueprint for long-term market timing, but they also define the stock market’s normal volatility limits and its likely major turning points.


Robert Vagg, MSc, PhD, GDipAppFin, DipTA, CFTe, F Fin, FRACI, CChem, began his interest in technical analysis with a subscription to the charting newsletter Trendex in 1969. He has been a member of the ATAA for fifteen years and of the AIA for ten. A frequent presenter at both ATAA and AIA meetings, he has contributed a regular column in the AIA’s Investors’ Voice quarterly magazine over recent years. Robert has combined a career in scientific research with applied finance training in both fundamental and technical analysis and uses that background in applying familiar scientific methods to quantitative research on financial markets. He is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia, a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, an Emeritus Professor of Macquarie University and an Adjunct Professor at QUT. His particular interest lies in identifying similarities between stock market growth trends and growth patterns evident in the natural environment.


9:45pm: Meeting concludes


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